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Mediation should be the first option for families experiencing conflict because research shows it is effective.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation by nature is supportive, non-confrontational, confidential, and avoids costly litigation. It lends itself well to the resolution of disagreements around child protection, family and intergenerational issues. Mediators empower families to create their own solutions.

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Why Choose an OAFM Accredited Mediator?

The Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM) designations are the standard for excellence for mediation in Ontario:

  • Family Mediator (AccFM)
  • Child Protection Mediator (CPMed)
  • Intergenerational Mediator (IM)

Candidates for accreditation must meet rigorous education, training, and supervised work requirements. Accredited Mediators must also follow OAFM’s Standards of Practice and carry liability insurance for the safety and protection of consumers.

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Who We Are

We are the Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM).

Our mediators come from varying professional backgrounds such as law, psychology, social work, health care, and finance. Each profession brings a unique approach to mediation, and the OAFM standardizes how we practice.

The Ottawa Chapter of OAFM formed in 1985, making it the longest standing Chapter in the province.

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