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About the Ottawa Chapter

The Ottawa Chapter of the OAFM is dedicated to serving families by resolving conflicts respectfully, ensuring safety, focussing on the best interests of children and other vulnerable family members, reducing emotional stress and financial costs, and upholding peace and respect.

Most members of the Ottawa OAFM Chapter are from the National Capital Region (Ottawa/Gatineau) as well as Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Some are bilingual and offer mediation services in both official languages.

We operate as a Community of Practice, sharing our common concerns and leading practices to fulfil individual and group goals. We gather in person and virtually to collaborate and share our varying perspectives and diverse knowledge to advance our professional practices.

Learn about Our History

2020-21: A Constructive Year for Ottawa’s Chapter

Ottawa’s volunteer Board of Directors (BOD) has been productive despite the global pandemic. By May 2020, the BOD initiated a member engagement and consultation process that led to Chapter-wide, virtually facilitated dialogues and surveys. Data gathered by the research initiatives, alongside a third-party consultant, guided the BOD on next steps for the Chapter including:

  • organizing further virtual networking and learning events for our members
  • developing Chapter-level operating guidelines for member review and input
  • creating a membership and fee structure aligned with our provincial association
  • conception of a Chapter-level bylaws document
  • planning for website enhancement and electronic document sharing
  • hosting an interactive and engaging AGM where a new BOD was nominated for 2021-22

We continue to work behind the scenes to further the revitalization of our Chapter to support our most important work.

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