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Daniel F. Lanoue

Daniel Lanoue profile
Type of Mediation
Family Mediation, Child Protection Mediation
Mediator, Registered Social Worker, Parenting Coordinator, Assessor, Clinician, Counsellor, Psychotherapist
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Concordia Consultants, Counselling & Mediation Services


Beyond his credentials, knowledge and experience cited below, Dan is interested in working with high conflict separating couples to create a more functional co-parenting relationship. This is an important value-added component of mediating a fair, reasonable and sustainable settlement without unnecessary and costly litigation.

  • Dan is an Accredited Family Mediator and has held contracts with the Attorney General for 15 years and the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. (10 yrs.)
  • Dan has been a Registered Social Worker since 1980 with a Hon. B.A. in Psychology and a Masters degree in Social Work (M.S.W.)
  • Dan held a variety of clinical positions in Children’s Mental Health and continues to provide individual, couple and family therapy in semi-retirement.
  • Dan also provides Critical Incident Services & Workplace Seminars for several Employee Assistance Programs to clients in Eastern Ontario and communities in Nunavut.
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