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Raquel Beesley

  • Connie Davidson
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Type of Mediation
Family Mediation
Mediator, Lawyer
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Beesley Gahrns

460 West Hunt Club Road, Suite 208, Ottawa ON K2E 0B8

Just because you are separating, doesn’t mean you have to start playing on separate teams.

In terms of my style, as a legally trained mediator, I view myself as an educator.  In mediation sessions, I educate clients about how the law applies to their situation, and what a judge would likely decide if the matter were to go to court.  There are formulas for many of the financial legal issues which make them pretty straightforward.  On the other hand, sometimes an outside-the-box solution best meets clients’ values and goals, and mediation offers room for creative option gathering.

I aim to be as efficient as possible and “get ‘er done” while also respecting the emotional readiness of people to make decisions in a period of significant stress.  Once parties share what is important to them, and they are given some legal context, decisions and agreements often fall into place; you just have to get started.  It’s incredible what happens when people sit down and talk to one another with some gentle, professional support to guide them.

I have been practicing law for over 23 years and mediating for over 10 years.  I now limit my practice almost entirely to mediation, in addition to the occasional collaborative divorce client.

It’s an honour to work with families to help them transition to this new chapter, and I can promise that I will do my best to make this as stress-free as possible; after all, legal matters shouldn’t get in the way of what matters.

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