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Suzanne Winlove-Smith

Suzanne Winlove-Smith profile
Type of Mediation
Family Mediation
Contact Information

Suzanne Winlove-Smith is a committed individual with a genuine passion for helping others when they are facing the biggest challenges in their lives. Suzanne is skilled at helping clients develop constructive, collaborative agreements that support healthy and productive relationships while being time and cost effective. Her experience working in numerous Court systems as the Court appointed Onsite Family Mediator has given her a deep insight into the high financial, emotional and physical costs of unresolved conflict.

Suzanne has spent years working with some of the highest conflict cases you can imagine – with great success. Her unique perspective and strategic vision empowers clients to find solutions which lead to powerful shifts that enable positive change. Prior to becoming a mediator, Suzanne worked at Proctor and Gamble as part of a work system renewal team.

Licenses and Certificates

  • Collaborative Law Team Training
  • Advanced Relationship& Divorce Coach Training
  • Child-Centered Strategies for Separation & Divorce
  • Domestic Violence and Co-Parenting
  • Child Resistance & Parent Rejection
  • Child Support Guidelines OAFM
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse Certification
  • Managing High Conflict Personalities in Divorce & Family Violence
  • High Conflict Divorce & Separation Training
  • Spousal Support Guidelines
Hourly Rate

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