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Membership with the Ottawa Chapter of the OAFM

Being a member of the Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation creates opportunities for you to meet and connect with like-minded professionals in the region and opens the opportunity for referrals to your practice.

We are a community of practice and provide a space for ongoing learning and professional development with other conflict resolution and mediation specialists in the Ottawa region.

Ottawa Chapter Membership vs. Provincial Membership

There are two levels of membership which you may need to renew each year. Membership purchased through this website is for the Ottawa Chapter only. Accredited members must also maintain their provincial-level membership.

Ottawa Chapter


  • Maintains your accreditation
  • Managed by the Ontario Board of Directors
  • To manage your provincial membership, visit the OAFM Membership page.

Membership Levels with the Ottawa Chapter

OAFM Accredited Member

$100 per year

A practising mediator and Family (AccFm), Child Protection (AccCP), and/or Intergenerational Mediator (AccIM). Learn more about OAFM’s Accreditation and Standards.

Associate Member

$75 per year

A practising mediator and associate member of the provincial OAFM.

Supporting Member

$75 per year

Other professionals whose role supports the field of mediation, including financial planners, parenting coordinators, and retired mediators.

Student Member


Aspiring mediators, join us for an opportunity to connect with Ottawa’s mediation and alternative dispute resolution network.

Emeritus Member


Note: Membership fees are subject to change.

Ready to become a member of the Ottawa Chapter of the OAFM?

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