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Ontario Association for Family Mediation, Ottawa Chapter

OAFM Ottawa 2022 Annual General Meeting

May 11, 2022 (Ottawa, Ontario)

The Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation held its Annual General Meeting with Christopher Deeble presiding over elegant virtual proceedings. The Chapter enjoyed remarkably high attendance numbers (nearly complete membership attendance) last evening with smiling faces drinking Codorniu champagne, from a glass flute gift included as a memento.

Members savoured gorgeous gourmet skewers of prosciutto and melon and bocconcini and tomatoes and fresh basil, washed down with chilled Perrier and Lindor chocolates – all accompanied by a fresh single cut flower wrapped in cellophane to remind members in the coming days:  pandemic notwithstanding, we love and miss you all.  Before the call-to-order, members started by mingling at a virtual standing cocktail party. Many dressed formally for the cocktail reception making it a wonderful occasion. The charismatic Executive Director of the provincial OAFM, Mary-Anne Popescu spoke first. We then moved through the agenda items with ease, the directors of the board being – as always – prepared to the nines.

The greatest compliment that this chapter could have paid was this. No less than six candidates stood for election, eager to serve the membership. All three of the current board members ALSO opted to remain! 2022 is the year for a family professional as President and many hands will make light work. What a tribute to the renewed interest in writing the next volume in our unique history.

On behalf of the various chapter-renewal boards from 2018 to present, we thank you deeply for the trust you placed in us these 4 years to fulfil this complex mandate of organizational renewal in the chapter’s third decade.


Christopher Deeble, B.A., LL.B., AccFM / ODR Specialist (OAFM)
Director, Ontario Association for Family Mediation, and
Lawyer, Family Law Group, Nelligan Law

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